Note: This software is still in early-phase development, and has not been released.

orcird is a modern, high-performance IRC server (ircd) written primarily in OCaml for GNU glibc or musl-based Linux, and the *BSD operating systems.

Some of the core completed features of orcircd include:

  • Support and contribution for the IRCv3 prototypes/ratified specifications.
  • An intuitive, s-exp based configuration system.
  • Monadic, thread-safe performance exceeding (or on-par with) Go and C benchmarks.
  • Connection over the Tor/Onion network.
  • An extensible, pluggable module system.
  • UTF-8 internationalization via “PRECIS”.
  • orcircd is completely free software!

[Note: Not all of the features are currently implemented, visit the specification page for more information.]

;; Minimal example of the s-exp configuration system.
 (network-name "orcircd")
  (name "orcircd.test")
  (listen ((legacy :port 6667)
           (tls :port 6697
                :cert "fullchain.pem"
                :key "privkey.pem"
                :proxy nil)
           (tor :sasl nil
                :vhost "tor-network.onion"
                :max-connections 72
                :throttle-duration 600
                :throttle-max 72)))
  (socket-permissions 0777)
  (strict-transport-tls :enabled? t)
   (allowed-origins ("https://*")))))

Miscellaneous Details:

We are so happy to be part of the IRC community, and thankful you are considering this project for your solution. However, we have several friends we would like to show appreciation towards! All of these projects have some relationship with IRCv3, and have served as reference implementations.

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