Note: This software is still in early-phase development, and has not been released.

As a free software project, orcircd believes deeply in giving an ethical and rewarding experience to all users. Additionally, we believe that our software is best served by our community when they feel it is both beneficial and satisfactory for them to give back. This project is not funded by any company, nor is it subservient to a group of investors. Our ability to keep the lights on begins with you!

We will never charge money for access to orcircd, including our source code; however, if you feel generous and believe in our efforts we will humbly accept contributions. We have selected Liberapay, an ethical transaction and project funding platform, to facilitate all transactions. When you make a contribution the funds are distributed based on a %-share to the maintainers of the project.

Additionally, monetary donations are not the only kind of contribution we value. In the free software ecosystem there is great value in code contributions, proof reading, and testing/reporting functionality! If this description fits you, please find our project page on sourcehut!

If you decide to make a contribution, please click the widget above. If you have disabled Javascript, or your browser does not support this widget, click here.


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