Note: This software is still in early-phase development, and has not been released.

Q: I use Microsoft Windows / macOS, are these operating systems supported?

While orcircd does not provide official support to these operating systems, you are absolutely encouraged to compile the distribution yourself! To proceed in this direction, you should follow the development directions found in HACKING. Providing a pre-compiled distribution for others will be ultimately your responsibility if desired. Chances are the results will be more compatible with macOS than Microsoft Windows. This limitation is due to Microsoft Windows having an inconsistent and incomplete POSIX/Unix standard which orcircd depends on. If you feel there is a generic and non-breaking change that will benefit these unsupported operating systems, you are encouraged to submit a patch.

Q: How large of networks can orcircd support?

As orcircd is still a project in its infancy, we do not have any firm metrics to qualify the approximate upper-limit of connections this server can support. Ultimately, this depends on three primary factors (and a number of secondary factors). The primary factors are what kind of processing power and network your server is using, and the limitations of monad-style I/O concurrency. Based on the type of concurrent threading used by Lwt, and examples of it being used in other projects, the estimate is somewhere in the realm of 10,000+ connections. However, this is a theoretical point and we must disclaim that this number is not derived from our results (yet!). Other points to consider are the kind of storage your system is using, and the operating system (which may have differences in schedulers, pkill requirements, and epoll() functionality).

Q: Is the name orc or orcircd?

Long story short, either one is fine. In some more detail, it was originally orc. However, as the project began to progress we wanted a name which described what the project is, so it was renamed to orcircd. The official domain and the repositories say orcircd, but I think either naming scheme would be acceptable.

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